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Use the "How to Transfer" button below for instructions to Transfer RECs.
The TOTAL number of RECs you have determines your price. Example: If you have a total of 11 RECs from several energy years, use the 11-24 bracket to determine the price for each Energy Year.
You should enter generation between the 1st and 15th of the month. GATs will post your RECs 5 to 7 business days after generation is entered.
Important! When determining REC prices, you must use the Energy Year, which runs June to May. NOT the calendar year!
Click on any of the energy year boxes below, and I will show you more information.
We do not charge fees or commissions on SREC spot market transactions of any size. NO fees for ACH Direct Deposit.

Class 1

  • NO FEEs and NO Commissions are charged for NJ Class 1 REC Spot Market transactions.
  • You will begin receiving NJ Class 1 RECs when your designated SREC eligibility is complete.
  • NO REGISTRATION or LOGIN is currently REQUIRED on NJSREC.com to buy or sell your NJ Class 1 RECs
  • We have a 3 REC minimum per transaction for NJ Class 1 RECs. Transfers of less than 3 NJ Class 1 RECs will be rejected and returned to your account without notification. Please transfer when you have accumulated at least 3 NJ Class 1 RECs to allow us to help you monetize these at a reasonable cost.
  • Payments are only available by ACH direct deposit for NJ Class 1 REC transfers. Please use the following secure link to set up an account if one has not already been established: https://ach.njsrec.com You only need to set bank direct deposit up with NJSREC.com once. There is no charge for an ACH Direct Deposit transfer.
  • Payments are initiated in 2 business days on Spot Market NJ Class 1 Rec Transfers. Typically, the ACH direct deposit transfer will arrive in your designated bank account the following day.
  • You must submit a request for a bid when selling 50 or more Class 1 RECs from an individual, an entity or related entities in one day. We will provide a higher price when you do.
  • NJ Class 1 RECs are currently eligible for New Jersey compliance in the Reporting Year they are minted. The two previous Reporting Years can also be used for compliance. Example; for EY2022 compliance, EY2020 and EY2021 are also eligible.


Note: The directions for transferring Class 1 RECs are the same as transferring SRECs. Please follow the directions and substitute Class 1 REC for each time you see SREC.

By transacting with NJSREC.com you are agreeing to the following:

  • Bid prices are subject to change at any time without advanced notice.
  • The CLASS 1 REC market can be volatile and can decline or rise significantly in response to industry, market, economic, regulatory, or political developments.
  • Past bid prices are not indicators of future prices.
  • Bid prices are in effect until replaced or withdrawn.
  • You must click the “refresh” button on your browser (top row of your web browser to the right of the URL aka web address box) to ensure that your computer is showing the current bid price.

Please keep the following in mind: 

  • Most Auction competitors charge significant fees to buyers and sellers which serve to reduce the price that you the seller receive for your NJ Class 1 REC(s).
  • Auction and Exchange sites deduct fees from the price they post. We pay our posted price on this NJSREC.com website. We only charge fees for special services. Auction and Exchange sites charge additional fees for special services. They have a double fee structure.
  • Regardless of how you sell your NJ Class 1 REC(s), all NJ Class 1 REC(s) have to be transacted on the GATs platform. Extra steps are simply more work for you.
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