By transacting with you are agreeing to the following:

  • Bid prices are subject to change at any time without advanced notice.
  • The SREC market can be volatile and can decline or rise significantly in response to industry, market, economic, regulatory, or political developments.
  • Past bid prices are not indicators of future prices.
  • Bid prices are in effect until replaced or withdrawn.
  • You must click the “refresh” button on your browser (top row of your web browser to the right of the URL aka web address box) to ensure that your computer is showing the current bid price.

Please keep the following in mind: 

  • Most Auction competitors charge significant fees to buyers and sellers which serve to reduce the price that you the seller receive for your NJ SREC(s).
  • Auction and Exchange sites deduct fees from the price they post. We pay our posted price on this website. We only charge fees for special services. Auction and Exchange sites charge additional fees for special services. They have a double fee structure.
  • Regardless of how you sell your NJ SRECs, all NJ SRECs have to be transacted on the GATs platform. Extra steps are simply more work for you.