Hi, I'm SOLAR BUDDIE! My eyes will follow your mouse, and I help you navigate the NJSREC website!
2013 SRECs generated 06/2012 and 07/2012 expired 12/01/2015. We are no longer buying them.
If you do not have a Revenue Grade Meter please find information and links on the "New Meter Requirements" Tab on this website.
GATs will post the 06-2017* SRECs on 07/31/2017 if earned. *This is the 1st month of NJ 2018 Energy Year.
Revenue Grade Meters are currently required for all New Jersey Solar Systems. You will not accumulate NJ SRECs if you do not have one.
Click on any of the energy year boxes below, and I will show you more information.
We do not charge fees or commissions on SREC spot market transactions of any size. We are New Jersey SREC specialists.

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